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Why Medley Advisory?

Do you have a plan? Are you well invested?

Our proposition is simple……

We provide asset management and financial planning for families and individuals. Client goals are our priority and everyone of our clients go thru extensive planning based on those goals long before we make any investment recommendations. We believe in a fee based approach and our investment philosophy is strategic as opposed to tactical.

As strategic investors we take the long view based on fundamental US, Global economic and sector indicators. It has been our experience that outguessing the market does’t work. There is a cost associated with high risk in a portfolio and our attitude is why pay more to get less. We look for efficiencies that potentially minimize risk in your portfolio and reduced risk may lead to less client anxiety.

Saving money is just as important as making money and we attempt to accomplish that by potentially minimizing taxes, fees and making sure that you are not paying more than you have to for insurance, legal planning and liability planning.

Providing a Customized Approach.

Our approach is unique because every client plan is customized. What we do takes a lot of research & due diligence in the beginning of a new relationship, but once the heavy lifting is done maintaining the plan is less complicated. Having the plan allows us to quantify or measure our results. This is essential because markets change, currencies change, life circumstances change, interest rates change and when changes occur we can make mid-course corrections that allow us to keep the plan on track.   

Areas of our Expertise

We bring efficiency to the management process by focusing on 6 activities.

  1. Portfolio design
  2. Tax minimization strategies
  3. Estate Planning strategies
  4. Protection planing strategies
  5. Liability strategies
  6. Cash flow

During the planning process, some of the issues that we tackle are…….

  • How much money should I have for retirement?
  • How should my money be invested?
  • What should I do with my company retirement plans?
  • What if I wish to help my children/grandchildren attend college?
  • How do I know if I have adequate insurance to protect my family and myself in
  • the areas of liability and asset protection, long-term-care and life insurance?
  • How do I transfer my wealth to my heirs?

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