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Our Philosophy

     At Medley Advisory, LLC we believe people who take time to create a financial plan tend to make more informed decisions because their decisions are in alignment with their objectives.  Whether you are planning for the present, a few years in the future, or long term we believe the “client comes first” principle always applies.  We have a unique ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services, which are measurable.  What we do is personalized for each client.

     We want to help you have the best life you can with your available financial resources.  This includes planning for the expected as well as the unexpected, minimizing your investment risk while meeting your goals, and taking into consideration economic consequences such as inflation and tax ramifications.  

     As a full service advisory firm we develop financial plans, manage assets, hire professional investment managers and coordinate all of your financial service needs and providers. Being independent gives us access to many products and services that are not available at Wall Street firms.  As such we apply the Fiduciary Standard, always trying to make recommendations that suit the best interests of our client.

      Being measured by a higher standard that put’s the clients interest first is Medley Advisory’s conviction.

      The Fiduciary Standard states that all recommendations must not be just OK, but that it could be the best option available at that moment in time.  Gary Medley is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and as such Gary requires of himself, and his associates at Medley Advisory, to operate using the Fiduciary Standard.    The CFP® designation is one the highest standards in the financial industry and all CFP®’s are held to the Fiduciary Standard by the CFP® Board of Standards. 

     Your success doesn’t happen by accident.  Successful people take the time and actually develop a well thought out plan to achieve their success.  You have a better chance of living a good financial life when a detailed financial plan guides your investment strategies.  There’s no risk in conducting a financial plan – why wouldn’t you do it?  We are here to help and guide you for today, tomorrow and into the future.