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Maximizing Benefit From Your Financial Decisions 

Every family must make a host of financial decisions year over year and many of them are high stakes decisions. Those would be any decision on insurance, saving for college, tax planning or investing assets. It could be the best way to save for retirement, how to care for aging parents, or how to financially prepare for and respond to a medical emergency. That is a quite a bit to get right.

You also rely on the many different financial service professionals you do business with. Insurance agents, Brokers, Estate Planning attorney, Tax attorney, or a CPA. With of this support, how many of these professionals are overly concerned with your long-term financial objectives? Many are not because their business model is transactional. Meaning they, complete the task you give them, are paid and move on. Is that bad. No. They may do one thing well and choose to not drive outside their own lane. The burden ultimately falls on you coordinate all of the players. That is a big ask for a family that may be juggling two careers, raising a couple of kids and having to focus attention on all the challenges that modern family life brings.

So how do you make make and receive maximum benefit from all these decisions? Have a system and process for making them. To do that we recommend that you to have several things in place. First, a long-term financial plan, second, trusted professionals who will help with recommendations that align with your objectives, third, be highly selective regarding transactional business and fourth, separate truth from hype regarding financial information. Finally, you need to establish a series of steps that you will follow when making any important financial decision and most important….do not veer from those steps.

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